About Us
We love sharing our amazing experiences with you.  Our lives first changed when we started using essential oils several years ago.  Once we relized the value of living more naturally, we made the choice to convert to a Ketogenic lifestyle.   

Our whole family needed this change to help with mental clarity, health and emotional concerns, and also with weight management.

Since we know so many people struggle with the same issues, we wanted to share what is working for us.  We will share our strategies, products we like and use, and the recipes that we have attempted, good or bad.  

Success comes from hard work as well as from inspirations from others, so let us be an inspiration to you! 
Meet The Team
  1. Carla Karstens
    I love finding ways to help improve my family's quality of life. I am continually trying new recipes to keep our Ketogenic lifestyle interesting.
  2. Kurt Karstens
    I am about as "old fashioned" as you are going to get! I love farm life, cattle, and being outdoors. I am enjoying the new lifestyle we have chosen to pursue, and believe me, I don't adapt to change well! But my wife has really helped make this very pleasing and interesting!
  3. Kelli Karstens
    I am loving our new lifestyle as it has helped me to finally take control of my weight and give me confidence that I have lacked for so long. Thanks to my Mom who really finds ways to keep us on track without getting bored with our food!